The instant ramen was really spicy.

The instant ramen was really spicy.

Quick sketches of my lovely friend's OCs Kaya and March! 

Quick sketches of my lovely friend's OCs Kaya and March! 

So I just completed “Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea” last night (more like 5 AM) and oh man it was great (and scary).  The game got really intense towards the end and I just had to stay up to finish it haha.  But THESE TWO ARE SO CUTE IM GONNA CRY ; n;

Some old watercolor assignments I found while cleaning up the apartment.



Here are some finished pages from ROOKERY PRESENTS: DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES by  Rebecca George, Peter Schmidt, Tyler Boss, and Giselle Sarmiento!

Rookery Presents is an anthology of comics and illustrations tied together by the theme “dreams and nightmares.” With 19 contributing artists, this volume promises to tantalize your unconscious desires.

This book will make its debut at SPX in September. 

Contributing artists: 

Rebecca George,  Peter Schmidt,  Tyler Boss,  Giselle Sarmiento,  Stephanie Bailey,  Lorena Reyes,  Jess Hurley,  June Vigants,  Jenna Kass,  Hazel Newlevant,  Crystal Rivera,  Paulo Campos,  Jennifer “Steen” Lloyd,  Ashley Silva,  Carmen Pizarro,  Christopher Gomez,  Sheila Machicado,  Marlena Konglau,  Sara Duvall

I’m in this!

Rookery Presents: Dreams & Nightmares

A bunch of awesome and talented artists and I need your help to spread the word or even kindly donate to help fund our Volume 2 Anthology in time for its debut at SPX! This time around, the theme is Dreams & Nightmares and I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome. If you have a spare moment please spread the word about this indiegogo — there’s even some awesome swag too if you donate!

The Illustrated Gallery

I’ve been keeping this a bit quiet about this, but I’m so excited to share that I’ll be participating in “The Illustrated Gallery" exhibit at the One Mile Gallery, located at Kingston, NY.

I have 10 pieces I’ll be showing! 
After the show is over, I’ll probably make mini prints of some of the illustrations to sell at future cons :)

After Otakon, I’m gonna go straight back to working on Everlasting and other projects.

Today’s doodles

doodles from work today

Some doodles at work last Friday.